Similarity Report

Used EPDPositionsTimeHashThreadsDatabase

No.EngineSF5 SF6 SF7 SF8 SF9 ShredShred
1SF5 xxxxx77.9067.0663.8857.6649.0559.55
2SF6 77.90xxxxx77.6771.9663.8848.8463.93
3SF7 67.0677.67xxxxx84.1471.7045.4965.12
4SF8 63.8871.9684.14xxxxx75.5145.7163.19
5SF9 57.6663.8871.7075.51xxxxx43.5558.83
6Shredder 1249.0548.8445.4945.7143.55xxxxx48.46
7Shredder 1359.5563.9365.1263.1958.8348.46xxxxx

Similarity testing on the evaluation function. Used level is depth=1 thus excluding (the main) search.
1. A similarity of 60-64% is colored yellow.
2. A similarity of 65 or higher is colored red.

Top Similarity Overview
8. Engine SF7 and Shredder 13 show a similarity of 65.12% 9. Engine SF6 and Shredder 13 show a similarity of 63.93%12. Engine SF8 and Shredder 13 show a similarity of 63.19%